The Gift of Well-Being

Show your loved ones how much you care with
presents that inspire greater health and joy.

November-Decmber 2012


Jackies Jems

Jackies Jem Shop features gem-studded artisan jewelry—from intricate wire wraps
to simple, yet elegant, designs. Stones such as carnelian, associated with power, and ammonite, linked to relaxation, are worked with beads of all shapes and colors into bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. Visit Jackies Jem Shop at


New Wave Enviro

Double-walled New Wave Enviro Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Forever reusable and available in an array of colors, they are Earth’s solution to
disposables. Available at natural food stores nationwide; for more information call 800-592-8371 or visit


Prabhuji’s Gifts

All-natural aromatic hand-rolled incense, herbal resin incense, smudging herbs and attar oils from Prabhuji’s Gifts fulfill the senses while promoting purification, health, peace and love. The elegant, artistic packages make them ideal presents. Contact Prabhuji's Gifts by phone at 866-202-9357 or on the web at


Waterwise 9000

Pure water made simple: Discover the healthful benefits of homemade 100% steam-distilled and filtered water. The stylish Waterwise 9000 purifier effectively removes contaminants from ordinary tap water and guarantees you consistent purity over time. Made in the USA. For a free report ($15.00 value) and catalog, call 800-874-9028, ext. 724, or visit


Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose has long been a favorite in Europe to welcome the start of the winter holiday season. This plant’s graceful, pure-white flowers emerge reliably in early winter and into the new year. The Christmas Rose is a very hardy, perennial evergreen that can bloom throughout
the snowy season; plant where it will receive bright shade. To learn more, visit



In 2006 a Finnish farmer using a sickle developed shoulder tension. By applying a blunt object to the end of his sickle he invented the self-massage Finnhook, and within three years more than 100,000 were sold via farmers markets in Finland. Today, PTFit offers the Finnhook and a full line of massage rollers in the US. For more information, visit


Source of Life

Step up to the gold and give the gift of health this holiday season: Source of Life GOLD, the gold standard for whole food-based multivitamin supplementation, and SPIRU-TEIN GOLD, the world's most advanced full-spectrum vegetarian protein shakes. Both formulas feature revolutionary all-natural ingredients with more energizing, antioxidant and anti-aging power than ever before. Source of Life GOLD and SPIRU-TEIN GOLD for an unparalleled burst of life and burst of health! For more information, visit


Nutra Nail Naturals

Nutra Nail, one of the best-selling brands of nail treatments, introduces the first and only natural nail treatment line. The Nutra Nail Naturals collection includes four products that use 99% to 100% natural ingredients as defined by the Ecocert Approved Ingredient List. Available at fine retailers; to learn more, visit



Shenandoah by Terri Michele Fragrances uses the highest-quality oils with floral notes to offer a clean, fresh, feminine scent for women of all ages. Packaged in recycled and repurposed materials, paraben-free Shenandoah is available as eau de parfum, roll-on oil, body wash and lotion, and as a scented soy candle. To learn more, visit


Suki Skincare

Suki Deluxe Nourishing Travel Kit, in a wooden travel case, contains TSA-compliant products that replenish essential nutrients so you can keep up your beauty routine while traveling. Potent antioxidants and all-natural ingredients help moisturize, protect and strengthen skin, especially during the winter. Learn more at



The number-one name in premium blending equipment, the Vitamix is valued by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its versatility. Besides being a powerful blender, the Vitamix also makes wholesome smoothies, piping hot soup, whole-grain flour and much more. To learn more about how the Vitamix can support whole-food nutrition, visit or call 800-848-2649.


Grip Socks

You might remember as a kid not wanting to get socks—but you’ll want to get your feet into the eco-friendly Natural Fitness Grip Socks. Made of organic cotton, these socks have a bold, raised gel design that improves traction during yoga, Pilates and other shoeless exercise formats. For more information, visit


Sublime Yoga Collection

Gaiam’s Sublime collection has everything you need for your yoga workout. The Sublime Yoga Mat features a non-slip, light-tack surface. The Sublime Yoga Mat Bag, with an adjustable shoulder strap and zippered front pocket, provides a clean, convenient place to store your mat. Finally, stay hydrated with the BPA-free and 100% recyclable Sublime Stainless Steel water bottle. To learn more, visit


Samson Juicer

A Samson Juicer extracts healthful juices from vegetables, wheatgrass, fruits, even aloe and pine needles—in addition to making nut butters and frozen sorbets. The Samson’s low-speed auger screw protects both flavor and nutrition. Easy to clean, with the longest warranty in the industry. Learn more at, or call 888-992-7333.


Health Mate

Health Mate far-infrared sauna is the industry’s oldest infrared sauna brand. Their portable saunas can benefit people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, excess weight, back pain or circulation problems. For more than 30 years, Health Mate far-infrared saunas have been recommended by doctors and practitioners all over the country. To learn more, visit


Serenity 2000

Looking for magnetic therapy that doubles as eye-catching jewelry? Serenity 2000 contains the most technologically advanced, powerful magnets; also available as insoles, back and joint supports, pet aids, mattress toppers and more. Results guaranteed or your money back. For more information, call 800-461-6398 or visit



Help loved ones melt away holiday stress with the Chocoveda Chakra Box, a collection of dark chocolate treats created from the finest organic healing ingredients. Seven decadent flavors, including chai, pomegranate and tangerine, correlate to the body’s seven energy centers or chakras (explanatory booklet included). To learn more, visit


Intelligent Nutrients Lip gloss

Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss contains vibrant antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, blueberries and purple corn. Nutrient-dense oils of açai, rosehip and black cumin—along with Intellimune and soothing, antioxidant-rich waxes and butters—aid in fighting the visible signs of aging. Brush on any of these certified organic flavor blends for a refreshing balance of sweet and tart. Intelligent Nutrients is 100% free of synthetic colorants, heavy metals, iron oxides and lead-laced mineral pigments. To learn more, visit


Libre Tea Glasses

Enjoy plenty of relaxing, cozy tea moments despite holiday craziness with Libre tea Glasses, an easy way to enjoy loose-leaf tea anytime, anywhere. Featuring an insulating poly exterior, a taste-accentuating glass interior and a built-in filter, the portable and BPA-free glasses keep tea warm, yet are cool to the touch. Available in 9-ounce and 14-ounce sizes, along with a 10-ounce mug with handle. For more information, visit


Wrist & Arm Recovery Bar

The Wrist & Arm Recovery Bend Bar is designed to help strengthen and rehab hands, wrists and forearms. By bending, rotating and otherwise manipulating and deforming the bend bar, you can build and regain power and flexibility. Regular use of the bend bar can also assist in preventing stiffness and alleviating hand, wrist and arm soreness and discomfort. Made from natural rubber in three progressive resistance levels. For more information, visit


Glacier Glass

Glacier Glass is a new line of eco-inspired glassware crafted from recycled wine bottles. Utilizing state-of-the-art diamond-wheel engraving technology, the former wine bottles are completely transformed into beautiful and substantial pieces of glassware with a design which, combined with the blue tint, is reminiscent of glaciers. To learn more, visit


Sierra Club Socks

Sierra Club socks for men and women are made from organic, recycled fibers, perfect for casual everyday wear or hiking the rugged outdoors. A portion of the proceeds from every pair purchased goes directly to the Sierra Club to support their mission to protect communities, wild places and the planet. And this year, for every three pairs of socks purchased one pair will be donated to Sierra Club Mission Outdoors, a program dedicated to creating outdoor experiences for urban youth along with military veterans and their families. Visit


Evo Fitness Bike

The Evo Fitness Bike from Relay Fitness Group has a sway frame that engages the full body in a core-activating workout while providing the authentic feel of a road bike. The Evo also boasts the first fitness application of a planetary gear mechanism in its Orb Gear Drive. Translation: no belt, chain or external flywheel, meaning less maintenance. For more information, visit


Brød & Taylor Folding Bread Proofer

Brød & Taylor’s Folding Bread Proofer lets consumers bake delicious, artisan breads with healthy ingredients themselves while controlling exactly what goes into the finished product. The multi-tasking proofer also enables the creation of creamy, homemade yogurt (up to two gallons of fresh yogurt in only four hours) and perfectly melted chocolate. To learn more, visit


Babycakes Appliances

Babycakes appliances let consumers make their own tasty treats at home with healthier ingredients and in manageable portions. The redesigned Donut Maker, for example, bakes rather than fries seven perfectly browned and evenly round donuts in minutes—without unhealthy oil or grease. (It also works with gluten-free recipes.) With the Pie Maker, you can make pies with healthful fruit ingredients. The Babycakes appliances also help with portion control; each appliance makes mini versions of donuts, pies and other treats.
For more information, visit


SOI Candles

The SOI Company’s 100% all-natural soy candles let you create a healthy environment through beautiful fragrance. The handcrafted candles provide an inviting aroma without harming consumers or the environment. Once melted, the wax from these one-of-a-kind candles can be used as a skin moisturizer and to help remedy sunburns, eczema, psoriasis and poison oak. More than 30 indulgent fragrances are available. For more information, visit


Necomimi Headset

Necomimi combines fun with brain science in a brainwave headset with ears that move according to the user’s neuroscience patterns and emotions in real time. A sensor placed on the wearer’s forehead monitors brainwave patterns and the ears move in cat-like reactive movements. The ears perk up when the user is alert, droop down to show relaxation and wiggle back and forth when the user is “in the zone.” The brainchild of bioelectronjics company NeuroSky, Necomimi first became popular within the anime and costume communities in Japan and made its US debut in July 2012. To learn more, visit



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