Healthy Indulgence

Pamper everyone on your holiday gift list with thoughtful
presents intended to soothe the body and revive the soul.

November/December 2011


New Wave Enviro Insulated Bottles

Keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with New Wave Enviro’s new Insulated Bottles. The bottles are made from safe, food-grade stainless steel, are double-wall vacuum insulated and available in three eye-catching finishes. For more information, visit or call 800-592-8371.


Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box

The Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box pairs clean lines with the ancient art of miniature gardening. The contemporary design maintains a traditional awareness to complement a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Growing bonsai from seed gives complete control over styling of the tree and allows for the enjoyment of each growth stage, and this kit includes everything needed to sculpt a tree into a work of living art.

In addition to a Dawn redwood, chosen for its fast growth rate, the kit includes a US-recycled steel box (lid inverts to become a saucer), moss seed, OMRI-listed soil, seedling training pots, seed-starting wafers, bonsai tools and a river stone. Learn more at


Source of Life GOLD

Source of Life GOLD is the gold standard for whole food-based multivitamin supplementation. With revolutionary all-natural ingredients and more energizing, antioxidant and anti-aging power than ever before, Source of Life Gold will provide an unparalleled burst of life. Give the gift of health! For more information, call 800-937-0500, ext. 9550.



Sought after by countless chefs and nutritionists worldwide, Vitamix is the number-one name in
premium blending equipment. This is no ordinary blender: Make delicious whole-food smoothies, piping hot soup, frozen desserts, whole-grain flour and so much more—all with a single machine. Nothing delivers the powerful nutrition of whole foods like a Vitamix. Backed by a seven-year warranty. For more information, visit or call 800-848-2649.


Rematee Bumper Belt

Stop snoring and help reduce sleep apnea symptoms with the Rematee Bumper Belt. Rematee keeps you sleeping on your side—a simple, natural and effective way to reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Prescribed by 1,600 sleep doctors, Rematee lets you give the gift of a great night’s sleep. To learn more, call 877-753-6844 or visit


Superfood Cuisine

A rejuvenating new culinary adventure, Superfood Cuisine is the definitive guide to cooking with superfoods—the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Featuring over 100 easy, plant-based recipes, lavish full-color photography, and an informative guide to top superfoods and healthy pantry staples, Superfood Cuisine offers an inspiring roadmap for an energy-packed lifestyle.
Sold at and at natural food stores.


Waterwise 8800 Water Purifer

Health experts say we should consume about 2,920 glasses (182 gallons) of water every year, and the Waterwise 8800 countertop purifier guarantees consistent purity. You will enjoy drinking
and cooking with fresh, homemade, pure water. For a free report ($15.00 value) and catalog call 800-874-9028 or visit


Serenity 2000

Serenity 2000 brings you magnetic therapy, pleasing to the eye and beneficial for the body. Designer jewelry, magnetic insoles, back and joint supports—and much more—contain
the most powerful, technologically advanced magnets. Results are guaranteed or your money back. To learn more, visit or call 800-461-6398.


Yoga Tune Up DVD

Yoga Tune Up, created by Jill Miller, is a unique fitness format that blends yoga, calisthenics,
self-massage and corrective exercise into an intelligent, modern and accessible exercise
program that helps strengthen and heal the body. The Yoga Tune Up program can help any “body” feel stronger, happier relaxed and more grounded by creating true physiological balance—and a balanced body easily supports a balanced mind. Yoga Tune Up Quickfix RX routines focus on areas of the body that tend to spasm, strain and ache because of overuse, underuse or poor posture, and
promote healing by addressing the root of the problem. To learn more, visit


Miracell Cream

Made with natural plant extracts, Miracell Hand and Foot Cream goes on with a nice, clean feel—there’s no glycerin, so it won’t cause skin discomfort. And the orange peel extract makes it smell so good you’ll be tempted to lick your fingers. Miracell Cream makes a great gift...but you may be tempted to keep it for yourself. Find a retailer near you at


Sounds True Meditation CDs

These CDs are the latest in relaxation from Sounds True. In Beginning Meditation, master teacher Sally Kempton offers newcomers a struggle-free way to create a meditation practice based on embracing the fullness of your experience—and reconnecting with your essential love, compassion and wisdom. Meditations for Happiness by Rick Hanson, PhD, is a three-hour program of exercises and insights based on new breakthroughs in neuropsychology that teach you how to rewire
the neural pathways in your brain to experience deeper and more lasting happiness. In Healing Touch Meditations, Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, draws from the same training material used to certify Healing Touch practitioners worldwide to teach three medically sound, easy-to-learn guided practices for cleansing, balancing and energizing your body’s subtle energy system. To learn more about these programs, visit or look for them at your favorite bookseller.


Seven Wishes Bracelet

Resolutions, wishes, goals: The Seven Wishes Bracelet is an interactive goal-setting eco-bracelet born from designer Anna Leighton’s desire to make positive changes in her own life and to be reminded of her goals with something to wear. Write your goals in the multipurpose packaging, tie knots for each goal and wear as a reminder. Learn more at


Inner Reflections 2012

Give a year’s worth of encouragement with the Inner Reflections 2012 engagement calendar, published by Self-Realization Fellowship. With its week-at-a-glance format, this calendar features breathtaking scenes from the natural world paired with uplifting quotations by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi. Measuring 7” by 9”, it’s perfect for purse, briefcase or desktop. Learn more at


Scandle Body Massage Candle

Not only is the Scandle Body Massage Candle healthy for your skin, it’s healthier for the environment than toxin-emitting paraffin candles. Made from all-natural ingredients including shea butter, jojoba, cosmetic-grade soy butter, vitamin E and essential oils. The cotton wick contains no lead, zinc or stearic acid. To learn more, visit


Samson Juicer

The Samson Vegetable-Fruit-Wheatgrass Juicer can extract healthy juices from carrots, celery, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and many other vegetables—in addition to making nut butters and frozen sorbets. It can also extract juices from aloe and pine needles, something no other juicer on the market can do. The Samson’s low-speed auger screw prevents natural flavors and high nutritional contents from being destroyed. Easy to clean, the Samson Vegetable-Fruit-Wheatgrass Juicer has the longest warranty in the industry. To learn more, call 203-748-9966 or visit (where you can also find information about Samson’s Healthy Water Ionizer).


Balance Ball Chair

The removable, anti-burst Balance Ball is free of latex and the six most harmful phthalates. It also includes a redesigned base that cradles your ball, easy-glide casters, air pump and exercise guide. With three dynamic, body-shaping workout tools: A resistance cord , body band and Balance Ball workout DVD. For people 5' to 5'11" tall. Easy assembly required; available in bronze, sage, pool, plum or classic charcoal, each on a black base. Learn more at


Ankle/Wrist Weights

Ankle/Wrist Weights by Rejuvenation can help you build muscle and stamina while shaping and toning your entire body. The unique design allows the thumb loop to be folded down and out of the way when not in use and locked into place with the adjustable fit strap. These comfortable weights can be worn anywhere from home to the office to the gym to help you burn more calories and increase your metabolism. Available in 2, 5 and 10 pounds. Learn more at


Organic Vintners

Organic Vintners represents more than 50 wines from eight countries produced with 100% certified organic grapes. USDA-accredited certifying agencies assure that organic procedures are followed at every stage of production, from vineyard to processing to bottling to your glass. All certified—no exceptions. Look for award-winning Pircas Negras from Argentina and Nuevo Mundo from Chile, available nationally. For more information, call 303-998-0894, ext. 17, or visit


The Twitten

The Twitten, a “fun-of-a-kind” two-handed mitten that allows wearers to hold hands, has expanded its knitwear line to include texting mittens, fingerless gloves, hats, scarves and more. Handmade in Peru with local alpaca and wool knits, Twitten is fair trade and donates 20% of profits to the cancer charity Bodhi Fund. To learn more, visit



Botanical Gift Bags

Each of Badger’s new Botanical Gift Bags contains one of Badger’s new botanical soaps and a certified organic classic lip balm, cleverly packaged in a reusable mesh eco-bag. With four different botanically themed bags to choose from, it is easy to find one for any person on your list; each comes with a beautiful to/from tag that makes gift-giving easy. Sold at fine health food stores everywhere.



Because life’s demands don’t stop, stay a step ahead with RESCUE Remedy, which blends five of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies. RESCUE Remedy is formulated to help you stress less and keep up with life. And when sleeplessness is caused by stress, RESCUE Sleep includes an
additional remedy, White Chestnut, to help ease recurring thoughts. Learn more at



Prevent body odor naturally—rather than mask it chemically—with award-winning Crystal. Made of 100% natural mineral salts, it contains no aluminum chlorohydrate or zirconium, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, dyes or alcohol. All-natural, unscented and hypoallergenic, Crystal is dermatologist tested. It will not stain clothing, even the most delicate fabrics, and is non-sticky, leaving no white residue on the skin. A single application helps prevent body odor up to 24 hours;
safe for the environment, cruelty-free and endorsed by cancer treatment centers nationwide. Find Crystal in fine health food stores.


DeVine Lip Shimmers

We have taken the timeless beauty and benefits of wine and turned them into DeVine Lip Shimmers. Wine grapes contain polyphenols and resveratrol, known to fight free radicals and help prevent cell damage, and grape seed oil is a wonderful moisturizer and natural astringent. Combine these ingredients with a 100% natural silky base and you have DeVine Lip Shimmers—alcohol-, gluten-, cruelty-and unkind chemical-free. To learn more, visit


Holosync Meditation for
Mental Acuity and More

Holosync audio technology can place you in the electrical brain wave patterns of deep meditation. In addition to lowering stress, stimulating your brain with research-backed Holosync can improve learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly. Holosync stimulates the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres, leading to a high-performance state scientists call “whole brain functioning.” Research by anti-aging scientist Vincent Giampapa, MD, past-president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, shows that Holosync affects production of three important hormones related to increased longevity, stress, and enhanced well-being: cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Visit

Kimpton Creates a Living
Space for Your Fish

Kimpton Hotels is famed for the endearing host goldfish that keep guests company when they travel without a pet of their own. Expanding on the concept of chic personal space for the aquatic companion, Kimpton offers the Fish Hotel and Condo. Each unit features a sleek exterior with plenty of windows for your pet to look out. Inside is a glass bowl that can be easily removed for cleaning. Male Beta fish, known for their preference for single occupancy rooms, are the best guest for this environment (Stack two for the roommate-plan condo). Kimpton recommends consulting with an aquatic professional before using any fish bowl or aquarium to ensure your pet enjoys a long and healthy stay. Bowl measures 7.5" X 7.5" X 8". Fish not included.Visit



Modern Bed of Nails Stimulates Acupressure Points

Rooted in the ancient Indian tradition of spike mats that were first used about 5,000 years ago by fakirs and yogis, mainly to release physical, mental and emotional blocks, the hälsa wellness™ mat is a modernized version of a bed of nails. Much like massage and acupressure, the wellness mat is used to naturally stimulate the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s own pain relief hormones.  These hormones also promote mental and physical wellbeing. The hälsa wellness™ mat consists of 8,820 spikes that stimulate your body’s acupressure points. The hälsa wellness™ mat is available in black, green and purple. It is available at


A Personal Fitness Dream
Team in One Box

The founders behind have collaborated with some of the best trainers nationwide to provide one DVD set, offering fitness enthusiasts a dream team of personal trainers in a box.  The Top Trainers program is designed to constantly challenge you and your body. The program uses the “blend method” offering workouts from multiple fitness disciplines. By blending all different techniques for weight loss they have created the optimal mixture of exercises to have the maximum effectiveness. You’ll be challenged with workouts for cardio, buns, Latin dance, thighs, yoga, plyometrics, core, ballet, interval training, abs, pilates and kickboxing. Each of the ten DVDs features a separate trainer with a specific workout routine. Visit

Serving Guests is Grand with
This Piano Cheeseboard

Shaped like a baby grand piano, with engraved keyboard and prop stick to hold the piano lid in place, the Piano cheeseboard and tool set is an original Picnic Time design made of rich bamboo. Prop open the lid to reveal the brushed stainless steel tools, including a corkscrew and two cheese tools (one fork-tipped cheese knife and one cheese fork) and a brass toned piano hinge. The Piano cheeseboard and tool set makes a perfect gift for music enthusiasts and those who love novel items that are fun to share with guests. Its brushed stainless steel tools provide the finishing touch to this one-of-a-kind premium entertaining set. Visit


A SodaStream Model for Every Taste

The SodaStream soda maker turns tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds. Just add the flavor of your choice to a convenient BPA-free plastic bottle. The soda maker is available in several models, with a variety of colors and silhouettes. Among newer models is the Fizz, equipped with a Fizz Chip gas level indicator that monitors the amount of C02 left in the carbonator, so you'll know when it's time to exchange your carbonator for a full one. The indicator also shows the carbonation level in your drink as you press the carbonating button so you'll make your favorite fizzy drinks perfect every time. It’s available in green, blue, red and black. Another model, the Penguin, is the first soda maker with glass carafes. Among features of the eye-catching Penguin are a customized carbonation level and an automatic access gas release mechanism. The Penguin is easy to clean and takes minimal space on countertops. Visit


Wash Away Stress with
Daniel Goleman CD

Chronic stress can disrupt your ability to focus, think clearly, and harm your health. It increases the risk of health problems including heart disease and diabetes, sleep issues, stomach problems, fatigue, depression, anxiety and obesity. While at Harvard, Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman’s research focused on methods that counter the impact of stress. Now he has drawn on this expertise to develop Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress, a 45-minute audio program to help listeners effectively master methods that can help them naturally reduce stress. Since there’s no one universal antidote to stress relief, Dr. Goleman’s guided session offers exercises to suit a variety of personal preferences: deep breathing, deep muscle relaxation, guided auto suggestion, relaxation countdown, breath focus and tension release, breath count. For a sample audio clip of Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress, visit The session is available in CD format and as a digital download.


JayBird Means Wireless Freedom
When Working Out

Experience freedom in a new way with JayBird’s Freedom Bluetooth earbuds, the official training headphones of USA Triathlon. These wireless fitness earbuds guarantee that you won’t get tangled up in your morning jog and their in-ear technology ensure a secure fit for the most strenuous activities. Think sweating is an issue? Freedom says bring it on as they boast sweat-proof sealed gear for worry-free activity. This ultimate running partner pairs with most Bluetooth enabled devices, making them great for taking calls or listening to music on the go. Comfortable silicon ear cushions hold Freedom securely in rigorous activity. A premium hard-shell carrying case with magnetic closing offers optimum protection when not in use. Visit


Getting a Toned Core with Pink Power: Flat Abs 5 Ways

“Pink Power: Flat Abs 5 Ways,” features five 10-minute routines that focus on sculpting flat abs and building a stronger midsection. Led by fitness expert Jessica Smith, the DVD from Shape magazine and Gaiam takes users through dynamic routines that will help users achieve a toned core.  The five routines include Ab Rehab, a circuit-style routine that moves quickly through two sets of energetic ab-flattening exercises; Pilates for a Tighter Tummy, with Pilates- and dance-inspired moves designed to create a toned and tight midsection; Core Makeover, letting users work their core muscles from every direction; Fat -Free Cardio Ab Blast, a fast-paced workout that will sculpt your abs and burn serious calories; and Turbo-Charged Belly Toning, taking your ab workout to the next level by adding resistance. The DVD also offers a downloadable bonus workout, which features a 10-minute Waist Whittler Workout routine. With each DVD purchase $1.00 will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The DVD is available at Target and most major retailers and sold online at


Country Dance 2: Dancing Calories
Away with Big Country Stars

GameMill Entertainment’s Country Dance 2, available on Wii, is the ultimate country music video game experience featuring more than 30 tracks from the biggest names in country.  The Country Dance 2 star-studded lineup includes music from Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, George Strait, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and more. Building upon the simple gameplay loved by fans of Country Dance, Country Dance 2 amplifies the fun with new sing-along features, duet dancing and a new calorie-counting exercise mode. Whether you’re cutting the rug on your own, line dancing side-by-side with your partner, or taking on friends and family in a dancing duel, Country Dance 2 will transform your living room into an energetic dance floor with today’s hottest country songs from America’s best-selling country artists. Visit


Mad Gab’s Lip Glosses, Butters and Shimmers are ‘Wildly Natural’

For 20 years, Mad Gab’s has been providing natural and organic formulations in playful, unique and environmentally sustainable packaging. The latest in its lineup is the Wildly Natural collection featuring lip glosses, butters and shimmers. Wildly Natural Lip Gloss, using natural color and shine, moisturizes with Shea butter and organic oils without being sticky. They are available in Pink, Plum and Bronze and packaged in a clear recyclable plastic squeeze tube. Wildly Natural Lip Butters contain Shea and Mango butters that soften lips while restoring moisture. Coconut-Lime, Lavender-Vanilla and Juicy Mango Lip Butters come packaged in a clear recyclable plastic tube. And Wildly Natural Lip Shimmers moisturize with Shea butter and organic extra virgin olive oil while natural mica provides color and shimmer. They are available in Pink, Plum, and Bronze and packaged in a clear recyclable plastic tube. Visit


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